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After sale service

To be always near to the necessity of its customers, COSME has a group of specialized technicians able to grant an excellent service concerning maintenance and revision of Cosme equipment.

This service is arranged to grant one or more visits during the year at some fixed dates. During the visit Cosme technicians will check the correct installation of the machine and possible adjustment of various components, as well as the good performance.

More over, to the customers who require this service contract, Cosme gives the possibility to have a special discount for the supply of spare parts.

If you find interest in this service, we kindly ask you to write us, by use of the form below that you find here below, indicating type, quantity and matricola/serial number of the equipment to be inspected.

Upon your request, we will let you have our best offer.


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Since 1987 we deal with the construction of machinery for waste water treatment plants for civil, industrial, agricultural, food, in Italy and in the world.