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La grigliatura grossolana è la prima operazione che si deve considerare in un impianto di trattamento delle acque di scarico civili o industriali. Essa ha lo scopo di intercettare ed eliminare i solidi che potrebbero danneggiare e/o rallentare i processi depurativi e le apparecchiature dell’impianto, o ostruire le tubazioni. 

Esso determina una drastica riduzione dei corpi grossolani in ingresso ai successivi trattamenti. Inoltre una stazione di grigliatura perfettamente funzionante permette di ridurre i problemi di intasamento delle pompe e apparecchiature a valle della grigliatura.
La vasta gamma di griglie proposte permette la scelta ottimale in base alle specifiche esigenze dell’impianto. 
Il largo intervallo di dimensioni possibili per ciascun modello permette l’installazione di griglie in canali di qualsivoglia altezza, larghezza, quota di scarico e portata.

This type of filter solves the problem of separation, transport and simultaneous compaction of the solids present into the liquids. It must be installed inside channel in reinforced concrete. The filtering zone, made by a curved hole plate in stainless steel AISI 304, blocks the solids present into the liquid. Solids collecting by filtering zone are moved by a brush, whch is fixed on the external edge screw. The shaftless transport screw permits to lift the solid collected with an inclination degree of 35°. A compacting chamber, positioned before the discharge, dehydrates till the 50% of the screened material volume, by the same transport screw.
On request, for particular hard filtration works, it is possible to supply machine with a suitable washing system for the filtering surface, located in the filtration chamber.
The screened material is discharged from the opening present in the top part of the machine. Advantage in using this machine is that, with one unique unit, it is possible to do filtration, transport and compaction.
The FC machine can operate in intermittent way.

Bearing structure made with tube in stainless steel AISI 304. Tube is divided in three main parts: filtering chamber, transport chamber, compaction/discharge chamber. Bearing structure is supported by a leg to fix to floor, which is adjustable in height.
Filtering zone is made with hole plate in stainless steel AISI 304 with round holes from 3 to 7 mm. When it is necessary to have a smaller spacing, are used trapezoidal bars with spazing from 0.25 to 2 mm (see the optional).
Cleaning brushes are interchangeable and are in plastic material. They are installed on the edge of screw in the filtering zone.
Single screw made in special steel at height resistance. Screw is used for cleaning of filtering zone, for transport and compaction of the filtered material.
Gearmotor is directly coupled to the screw.
Triphase electric motor euro-tension 230/400 – 50Hz, 265/460 – 60 Hz, 1400 rpm, IP 55, class F, shape B5.
Are included anchoring feet with bracket adjustable in height.



  • To be always close to the needs of our customers in COSME we have specialized staff able to guarantee an excellent service of assistance, maintenance and overhaul of our post-installation machines.