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Mechanical treatments

I trattamenti meccanici a cui vengono sottoposti i fanghi fanghi biologici hanno il compito di separarli dal resto del refluo chiarificato o trattato. 
Infatti, dopo un tempo opportuno di permanenza nella vasca di ossidazione, i fanghi biologici o attivi passano al sedimentatore secondario dove, sedimentando, si separano dal refluo trattato o chiarificato.

The bridge is placed on a settling tank, at ascensional flow, with cylindrical form and base like an overturned cone. The mix of water and sludge enter in a proper central diffuser cylinder. The sedimentable solids, due the gravity, use to settle on the bottom from where, by suitable scrapers, placed on a girder anchored to the centre of the sedimentation tank and with peripheral traction, are sent to the central part of the cone and extracted by pump. The clean water flows out by a proper profile placed around the peripheral side of the sedimentation tank. The floating substances, are stopped by a suitable board, placed inside the profile where the water flows out, and conveyed by the surface blade to the collecting and expulsion box.

The machine is composed of:
A rotating single beam walking way made in tubular. Complete of walking floor made by of anti slip grid, drive and idle trolley, with adjustable inclination, banisters conforming the rules, all made in hot galvanized carbon steel.
A set of descending tubes and bottom scrapers in hot galvanized carbon steel, with sliding wheels in nylon and support in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Scraping pads in replaceable neoprene rubber.
Adjustable and jointed central fifth wheel complete of electrical collector at 6 poles.
A gearmotor directly coupled at the drive wheel.
A set of thomson profile and scum board in AISI 304 stainless steel.
A surface scraper with equalizer for expulsion of scum.
A scum box in stainless steel with internal washing at sphere system.