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La grigliatura delle acque reflue è uno dei trattamenti meccanici preliminari a cui vengono sottoposte le acque di scarico all’ingresso degli impianti di depurazione per rimuovere e ridurre i materiali sospesi e galleggianti.

In alcuni casi particolari, come per le acque di pioggia o lo scarico a mare, tali trattamenti non hanno carattere preliminare, ma possono costituire l’unico intervento prima della dispersione dei reflui nell’ambiente. La grigliatura è normalmente la prima di questi trattamenti, e ha come scopo principale la rimozione di corpi e oggetti grossolani.

In particolare, la grigliatura permette di evitare danneggiamenti alle sezioni di impianto successive, ad esempio le pompe utilizzate per sollevare e spostare il liquido, e ridurre l’accumulo di solidi nelle tubazioni.


Sewage to treat is pumped inside feeding tank. The particular design of the internal deflectors, permits to sewage to properly distribute for all the width of the filtering drum. Slow and continuous rotation of filtering drum permits to particles to attach on external surface and to be transported on frontal zone of machine. Cleaning of filtering drum is made externally by a scraping blade that, acting tangentially respect drum, removes solids, and internally by filtered water that passes through cylinder cleaning it. Is also foreseen an internal counter-washing made by spraying nozzles. Filtered water is collected and discharged by a tank located below machine.
In case of clogging or too much flowrate to treat, machine is equipped with an overflow, which avoids falling of sewage from frontal area of machine.

Bearing structure completely made in AISI 304 stainless steel, with feeding tank, overflow and collection tank for clarified water (for model R300, the collection tank is an optional).
Filtering drum complete of internal deflector against-splash and rack of spraying nozzles for counter-washing.
Gearmotor with mechanic adjustable torque limiter device incorporated. Model R 300 has electric motor with inverter.
Spacing available from 0,25 to 2,5 mm.



  • To be always close to the needs of our customers in COSME we have specialized staff able to guarantee an excellent service of assistance, maintenance and overhaul of our post-installation machines.