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Screening Compaction

Questo è il terzo stadio del procedimento dell’impianto di trattamento delle acque reflue civili o industriali , i materiali solidi trattenuti dalle griglie dell’ impianto hanno spesso l’inconveniente di contenere molta acqua e/o materiale fecale, con conseguente aumento dei costi di stoccaggio e trasporto. 
E’ qui che si inseriscono i compattatori i quali risolvono il problema lavando, compattando e deacquificando il materiale grigliato.

I tipi di compattatori COSME più usati in tali applicazioni sono quelli oleodinamici e quelli a coclea, spesso a valle di un trasportatore che raccoglie e convoglia il materiale grigliato da più griglie.

Material to compact, which has high water content, enters into hopper and goes to the compression chamber. Here, passing from slots on bottom of chamber, material starts to drain the water in excess.
Oleodynamic piston, guided by sliding blocks in brass, press the material towards the bottleneck located at the end of the compression chamber.
Material, without ~ 25% of water, passes in the transport pipe (optional) to be unloaded and collected in suitable bins.
Due to action of an exchange valve, oleodynamic piston, arrived at the end of its run, reverts the run and steps back, so to keep free the compression chamber that in this way can receive other material to compact. Water of initial drainage and the one coming from compaction of material, are collected in a tank located below compactor and are evacuated by discharge. Tank is equipped with washing rack for cleaning.

Oleodynamic gearcase with tank, pump, exchange valves, manometer, for correct cyclic operation of compaction.
Compaction zone with hopper, compaction chamber, tank to collect drainage water, integrated supports for oleodynamic gearcase.
Replaceable reduction cone.



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