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Screening Compaction

Questo è il terzo stadio del procedimento dell’impianto di trattamento delle acque reflue civili o industriali , i materiali solidi trattenuti dalle griglie dell’ impianto hanno spesso l’inconveniente di contenere molta acqua e/o materiale fecale, con conseguente aumento dei costi di stoccaggio e trasporto. 
E’ qui che si inseriscono i compattatori i quali risolvono il problema lavando, compattando e deacquificando il materiale grigliato.

I tipi di compattatori COSME più usati in tali applicazioni sono quelli oleodinamici e quelli a coclea, spesso a valle di un trasportatore che raccoglie e convoglia il materiale grigliato da più griglie.

Solid material, with high water content, enters into feeding hopper and settles on trough. The initial water exits immediately through holes located in the drainage zone of trough.
Screw, of big thickness, slowly rotating, transports material towards the compaction zone. Here, material is pressed by a door with adjustable pressure, and is unloaded inside suitable bins. Material obtained is without water and with reduced volume (reduction of about 50%). Water of pressing process is collected on bottom of compaction zone and sent to a possible further treatment.

Drainage zone complete of filtering surface, rack of washing nozzles, zone to collect drainage and washing water.
Closed transport trough with bolted covers, possible to remove in case of inspection. Bottom of trough is coated by plastic material.
Compaction zone realized with a drainage surface with stiffened trapezoidal bars. It is complete of rack of nozzles for counter-washing and zone to collect drainage and washing water.
Shaftless transport screw in carbon steel.
Compression door with adjustable friction spring.
Mechanic idraulic sealing between screw and rotation shaft.
Gearmotor coupled to transport screw.



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