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I trattamenti meccanici a cui vengono sottoposti i fanghi fanghi biologici hanno il compito di separarli dal resto del refluo chiarificato o trattato. 
Infatti, dopo un tempo opportuno di permanenza nella vasca di ossidazione, i fanghi biologici o attivi passano al sedimentatore secondario dove, sedimentando, si separano dal refluo trattato o chiarificato.

Sewage enters from the top of settler and is conveyed towards the bottom by the lamellar pack.
Passage through the inclined profiles, permits by gravity the separation of solids from liquid.
Solids, composed by sludge, are separated in lower part, below the lamellar pack, which has shape of a reversed pyramid. Instead, above lamellar pack, is collected sewage, which is without the settling solids.
Through a suitable overflow, solids are conveyed in a collection tank, from where they are discharged by a pipe.

It is made by plates and profiles in AISI 304 stainless steel. There are inlet and outlet openings in stainless steel and flanges in aluminium DN PN UNI. Inspection hatch in stainless steel AISI 304.
Lamellar pack designed by COSME, in plastic material, suitably shaped and possible to extract.
Available spacing 40 mm.



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